Soil Excavation

We are one of the Turnkey contractor for excavation work which includes shore piling, sheet piling and complete de-watering system etc; We assure capability of 1- 15 meter depth of soil excavation. We are capable to work on any soil conditions. We extend our services to the client for reselling the soil by assuring the profitability related to good conditions of soil. We also have associates for such process.

Rock Dismantling

Control Blasting

We are one of the leading contractor of Control Blasting in India. Depending on the kind of rock, we make use of appropriate technologies to excavate.

Main Advantages of consulting and using our services include:

  • Reduction of flying debris
  • Economic solutions provided
  • Safety norms adhered to
  • Relevant technology used to excavate in an optimum fashion

Expansive Mortar/Chemical Method

We have to drill the holes on rock up to required depth and fill with chemical and allow for curing time. After While we will get gentle cracks. We need to use hydraulic rock breaker to make in to small pieces.

This is a chemical method adopted to make the excavation noiseless and pollution free.

The main advantages of consulting and using our services here include:

  • Very safe for the environment
  • No sound pollution
  • Very cost effective
  • Very less dust

Rock Wire Sawing

This is used for secondary breaking after cracking of hard rocks by chemical method, and also can be used for soft rock breaking even directly.


Our clients need not worry about the disposal. At PKC we provide the following mechanisms which make disposal easy and hassle free.

  • Own dumping yard to deposit the debris
  • Site cleaned and made to look as good as new
  • Relevant formalities and processes will taken care of