Other Services

The following is the list of other services which we offer:

Diamond Core Drilling

This method is suitable when drilling round holes are the requirement. Using this method, we drill to virtually any depth for 25 mm to 600 mm of diameter. Line drilling or coring a series of over lapping holes is opening to any size and depth when other methods cannot be used.

Typical applications include floor drains, anchor holes, electrical and optic fibre runs.

Also used for the fixing of steel constructions, consoles, ladders, cable trays, machines, staircases, gates, and facades.

Anchor Fixing

Mechanical Anchor Fixing

This method is used for any civil structure. Especially applicable during the construction of mezzanine floorings. Suitable for cracked and Non cracked concrete.Preferable for push through installation.

For fixing of : steel construction, railings, consoles, ladders, cabletrays, machines, staircases, Gates, facades etc.

Chemical Anchor Fixing

This tried and tested fixing system consist of the threaded rod and chemical Resin with hardener. Suitable for Cracked & Non-Cracked concrete. Also suitable for wet concrete & under water application. Heavy duty fastenings with small spacing and edge distance.

The advantages include:

  • Can be used even in places where the space is less
  • It is fire proof
  • Seismic proof

Rebar Fixing (Advance Process)

To introduce new beam for the existing construction, wherever dowel bars are missing, it is drilled and air blower is used to clear the dust particles. An injection gun with prescribed formula of proportionate chemicals is inserted. Then rod is inserted based on liquating of chemicals and atmospheric temperature.

Following chemicals are available to support this project:

  • Unsaturated polyester chemical
  • Epoxy acrylate (Vinylester)
  • Pure Epoxy

Electric chipping

We use handy electrical breakers for executions with low vibration using skilled man power.Corrections are done to clean the excess projections and minor demolition. We use more often to speed up the work with cost effective method.