Roads & Projects

name of the work
major bridge dismantling
pipe & box culvert dismantling
tower crance tc reduction dismantling
Major Bridge Dismantling


name of the work
tower crance foundation dismantling
Radio Actual
Pile Crushing
Tower Crance to Reduction Dismantling
Concrete Dismantling, Anchoring
Demolition & Core Drilling

Airport | Port Trust

name of the work
Pile Crushing
Concrete Structure Dismantling
Rock Breaking, Concrete Dismantling, Anchoring etc.,
Tower Crance to Reduction Dismantling
Minor Bridge Dismantling

name of the work
Old Concrete & Steel Structure
Concrete Dismantling, Chemical Anchoring
Old Factory Shed & Building Dismantling
Tower Crane Foundation Dismantling
Overhead Tank Dismantling,Retrofitting Od Beams
Diamond Core Drilling,Anchor Bolt Supply
Rcc Wall Dismantling By Diamond Wire Sawing System
Hilti Chemical Anchoring,Pile Crushing

name of the work
Conversion Of Commercial Building Into Residential Project
Dismantling Of Additional Floor (Vth Floor)
Concrete Clipping Mechanical
Rcc Wall Demolition Using Diamond Cutting System
Core Drilling,Concrete Dismantling,Chemical Anchoring
Re-Bar Fixing,Demolition
Rcc Floor Cutting,Swing Hook,Gallery Demolition

name of the work
Concrete Breaking, Core Drilling, Rebar Fixing etc.,
Building Demolition Core Drilling
Building Demolition