Vibration Free Dismantling

Vibration Free Dismantling is amongst the latest technologies which offer many competitive advantages over traditional methods. We use Diamond Cutting systems which add to the efficacy of the process. The main advantages include:

  • Can be used for any kind of alteration and on any kind of RCC structures
  • Preserve structural integrity
  • Zero Vibration
  • Allow for clean partial dismantling

Flat sawing

Can be applied for floor cutting up to a depth of 400mm. It is suitable for horizontal applications and is very cost-effective.

Wall Sawing

It is highly advanced equipment and facilitates both horizontal and vertical applications. It can be applied across any direction and easily cuts walls, slabs, beams, with max. efficiency for 650mm cutting depth. Suitable for heavy grade concrete and results in a very productive process .

Wire Sawing

This is one of the highly advanced machinery.

The advantages include:

  • Application at unlimited depth
  • Applied across any direction
  • It can be used on any structure
  • Suitable for heavy concrete and structures like Bridges, Nuclear/Thermal Power Plants, Metro etc.

Plunge sawing

We supply advanced system for this process. During occasions of unapproachable, restricted walls or blocks in the opposite side we use forward cutting approach. In this system, A Wire saw rig has been adapted to plunge cut to remove large blocks of reinforcement concrete. Firstly a core hole is drilled to the bottom of the section for removal, in to which legs with base wheels are inserted. The wire saw drive unit is attached to a track fixed on the wall. Wire is threaded through the pulleys and drive unit, driven up the track causing the wire to cut downwards.